5 Reasons Why Women Need Strength Training

weight training for womenWhat is interesting and what I like most about strength training is that it requires you to put you to work out with discipline and patience. Strength training forces you to practice perseverance, because transforming your body, and improving body composition takes time. But there is also the incredible element of instant gratification because each workout makes you burn calories, increases metabolism, and releases a cascade of hormones that make you feel super happy, and cheerful. This dichotomy of having to wait and persist day after day to see results is fed by a daily instant gratification. As a result, not only will you look better but feel better! It gives you a sense of strength, improve your self-esteem and better vision on life.

1. Lose Fat & Accelerate Metabolism:

The more muscle you have, the more calories on days net’ll burn. Your metabolism gets a boost after each strength training. In addition to increased muscle mass you increase the number of muscle mitochondria in them burn fat for energy, imagine you are like factories burn fat, the more factories you have, the more you burn fat.

2. Improve Hormonal Levels:

When you increase muscle mass, increases both muscle responsiveness to insulin and glucose demand which translate into less than what you eat it as fat reserves. Abdominal fat is reduced and improves the body’s hormonal balance.

3. Healthy Life Style:

Help prevent different types of cancer because it keeps your hormones under control. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. It is beneficial if you have diabetes and also reduces its risks. The American Diabetes Association recommends persons with type 2 diabetes to use weight training to better control the blood sugar levels. It also prevents insomnia and improve sleep quality.

4. Lower Fracture Risks:

Strength training helps you to reduce the risk of fractures by 50% in men and 20% women. Weight training increase the bone density and prevents joint injuries.

5. Toned and Lean Body:

The weight training help sculpt your body, through them you can target those problem areas, even though we know that we can not choose where you lose fat, we can choose which areas we want to develop and strengthen more.

In simple words, strength training is the best way to get a strong body, and balanced healthy lifestyle.

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