5 Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight


Not everyone knows about this trick to losing weight. Losing weight doesn’t always have to be a tough and difficult thing to do, how about trying out sneaky ways? The idea of eating less and exercising more is actually easier said than done, as not everyone will be able to stick to the regimen. Below are some of the sneaky ways that can help you lose weight without sticking to strict rules.

#1. Eat with a Smaller Plate1

When you serve your meals with a large plate, there is a tendency that you will eat as much as the size of the plate, which won’t be helping you in any way. In order to encourage yourself to eat less, it’ll be best to serve your meals with a smaller plate.

#2. Don’t Rush Your Meals2

Take your time while you eat; to chew every mouthful of food properly. This helps to improve satiety and reduce cravings

#3. Drink a Lot of Water3

Virtually everyone knows water is good for the health but it still gets underestimated, perhaps because some people have no idea of its health benefits? Studies has shown that that those who drank a lot of water daily, lose about 205 fewer calories, compared to those who drink lesser. Water also keeps you hydrated and full, so that you eat less.

#4. Turn Off Your TV4

I’m not asking you to never watch your TV, who wouldn’t want to? Eating and watching the TV at the same time can cause you to eat too much without you realizing it. So, when next you grab your meal, remember to turn your TV off, so that you can concentrate on what you are eating and take your time, in order to improve satiety.

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#5. Eat Spicy Foods5

This is yet another great way to help yourself in eating lesser meals. When your food is spicy, you tend to eat less and drink a lot of water. Additional benefit of this is that pepper helps to speed the metabolism.

With these sneaky ways, you are good to go. No gyms! No Strict rules!

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