5 Steps to Help You in Dealing With Your Eating Habit

Without eating living thing can not survive , but we know that as essential as eating is, it also has its bad side when it becomes too much like diabetes and obesity.

Some individuals may find them selves in the category of those who cant control their eating habits, they crave for every thing and anything and most times the foods we always crave for are not healthy foods. Here are 5 solid steps given to help solve your craving issues.

1. Change your thinking

It is actually not easy to deal with such issues, but the best and the first step in tackling this kind of issues is changing your mindset and also setting your mind to change your craving habit. If you don’t do this, what ever step you take would have little or no effect.

2. Change your diet

Probably you eat a lot of sugary foods or salty foods, this is not advisable as eating too much of one thing increases your want for that particular thing. So it is advisable that you go for variety when eating, so that you would be eating healthily.

3. Dieting

You should also give your self limits, you make a plan on your eating habit. You plan when to eat, how much you eat and what to eat. Don’t go to the kitchen or the grocery store and pick what you like, make a plan.

Also, when going shopping it is advisable, that you write a list of the items you want, with the price. This would help you deal with your craving, so that you don`t go and buy what you don’t need, because as humans we tend to buy things that we don’t need especially, when we have the money. This happens when don’t plan.

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4. Set an obnoxious alarm

It may sound funny, but it is very helpful. You can set an alarm to go off maybe after every ten minutes. This would keep you in constant check, as it would be reminding you to keep away from that thing, you may be craving for.

Also, you can write it and let it be around you. You can write it and paste in your kitchen, paste it on the dash board of your car, on your office table or any other place you deem fit. Seeing this would constantly remind you to abstain from that which you crave for. You could also involve your family members in it, so that they can also help you.

5.  Adhere

You should strive to follow your plans and be determined to solve the issue. If you make a plan, follow it and not waiver.
If you follow this steps well, before long craving for food or other things wouldn’t be an issue, you would have learnt to control your desires.

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