5 Things Not to Eat in the Morning

Eating in the morning is good, but what we eat also matters. Stuffing our body with what we shouldn’t eat at the beginning of the day can be very disastrous. What we eat in the morning can ultimately tell the way we would function throughout that day. An unhealthy breakfast can also lead to us increasing in weight. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t eat in the morning.

1. Toaster pastries

Toaster pastries are very easy and fast to prepare and so we find ourselves eating it all the time not because we necessarily want to eat it, but because of how easy and fast it is to prepare. This pastry is very high in sugar and refined flour and on the other hand it is relatively low in proteins. Taking too much of refined products is ultimately not good for the body.

2. Fruit juice

Most of us go to the market and buy fruit juice, but we actually buying sweeteners with a little bit of the juice. Most of the fruit juices are sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. High sugar levels in the body increases your risk of having obesity and diabetes.

Drinking fruit juices especially those with lot of sweeteners can cause your blood sugar rise to the high level. This can cause you to feel tired and hungry within the day.

3. Muffins

Muffins are very wonderful to eat, but there is more to muffins than we actually know. In the ingredients used in making muffins, the most healthy is the eggs. They also contain refined flour and as mentioned earlier too much of refined products is not good for the body. They also contain refined vegetable oil and sugar which are also not good for the body.

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4. Granola bars

Granola bars contains  high amount of added sugar and contains a low amount of fiber and proteins, which are needed by the body. The sugar content in Granola bars is not good for the body.

5. Toast and margarine

Most of us go for a quick meal of toast and margarine, but we don’t know the nutritional value of what we eat. The flour in most bread is also refined and it also contains a low amount of fiber. Fiber in the body helps to fight against diseases, weight gain and even diabetes.

Fiber can also keep you feeling full during the day and not feeling hungry. Margarine’s also contain Trans fat, which are also not good for your health. Eating the right breakfast or eating the wrong breakfast, would ultimately show on your health. It is better you go for the right choice.

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