5 Things Your Skin Is Telling You About Your Diet

This saying, “you are what you eat” is actually truer than you think, there are occasions where skin bumps and blemishes are caused by things that are in your control including your diet.

Here are some skin issues that can arise from what you consume and making minor tweaks about these diets will help alleviate those skin issues.

1 – Dry Skin

Dehydration tends to suck the moisture out of your body including your skin.  If you’re experiencing dry, flaky skin on a regular basis, you need to start drinking more water and eating more hydrating foods.

2 – Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This may signify that your diet is too high in alcohol and sugar.  Alcohol being a natural diuretic that makes you more dehydrated with continuous consumption. This will  suck away your skin’s natural  moisture which actually deepens the lines on your face and makes them stand out. If your wrinkles are on your forehead, your high sugar intake might be the reason.  The forehead is believed to be linked with your digestive tract so your high intake of sweet stuffs disrupts the bacteria in your guts leading to lines up there.

You can try these steps to fight wrinkles on your face. Also here are some good tips  to take care of your skin.

3 – Red Face

Sometimes you might be intolerant to common foods without even knowing, especially dairy foods or any food that could instigate digestive sensitivity. When you’re intolerant to a certain food, it can cause redness and inflammation- sometimes revealed through a flush, red tint on your face. You can consult an allergy specialist if you’re concerned about this reaction.

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4 – Rough Skin

70% of your skin is made up of collagen- and collagen relies on vitamin C; when you don’t get enough of this vitamin, your skin begins to roughen and sag. Some really good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, broccoli and dark leafy greens.

5 – Stretch Marks

These dreaded stretch marks sometimes indicate weight gain and it can be embarrassing when it appears too much on your skin. These scars happen more often (and more severely) when you have less zinc- this mineral plays a crucial role in repair and healing. To mitigate the physical appearance of stretch marks, eat more shrimps, spinach, seeds and other foods with high zinc content.

Here are some good home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

Image Courtesy by: besthealthmag.ca, fairnessflawless.com

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