5 Tips for Starting a Morning Meditation Practice


What better way to start off your day than meditating? Early morning meditation practice is one of the best ways to feel calmer and more grounded as you make your way out for the day. Especially when your day is going to be a very hectic and busy one.

Maybe you have a presentation to give on that certain morning, but wake up feeling less optimistic – a brief and intense meditation session is all that you need to get your game back on. Read on to find out more on how to start a morning meditation practice.

Find Your Method

For some, a single point of focus like breathing, works really well, while for others it could be something entirely different. Yes, you might have a jumble of thoughts, but the idea is to not get snagged by them. However, we are humans; so maybe you get snagged – but make sure to quickly return to noticing your breathe or any other method that works best for you.

Find Your Spot

Where you sit is your choice – whether it’s a corner of the sofa, or in your back yard. Perhaps staying in bed might be the perfect spot for you – as long as it feels right for you. The setting only has to be large enough to fit you and your rear-end.

Enhance Your Spot

If you have a yearning for a proper meditation cushion, there are plenty of shapes and sizes to order online. Candles, images, objects, or a plant can also be pleasing.

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Sit up Straight

Although you can meditate lying down, it’s easier to do it if your spine is erect. And if you do it regularly, sitting in your designated spot will help trigger the desire to do it.

Meditate First Thing in the Morning

Whatever your method and wherever your spot, try to make meditating the very first thing that you do after waking up. Most people prefer doing it before listening to the news, or checking their mails. If you can do it at the same time each morning, way to go! Once you sit, close your eyes and begin.


image couresy: samyama.com.au.

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