5 Tips to Stop Christmas Snacking Blowout

Christmas is in the air and it is a holiday filled with snacks and foods of all sorts. And you cannot just help but find yourself doing a lot of snacking. This article will help you to put a check on the Christmas snacking and help you avoid a blowout.

1. Make sure you are filled before you go

You can have a few drinks of water which will ensure that you don’t mistakenly take dehydration for hunger. You could also take a small bowl of vegetable soup or broth before you leave. A thermal cup with hot water will also be good if you are organized and would be sure you wouldn’t misplace the cup. Add apple cider vinegar to the warm water and sip it with or just before your meal and this will help you get full faster.

2. Turn your back on temptation

The best thing for you would be to stay away from snacks and ensure you get rid of any that is near your reach. Do away with the temptation.

3. Appoint a food coach

A food coach is just like a life coach, except that their aim is just to support you anytime you feel the urge to over indulge. Even though your coach might have to coach you at family functions, be sure to employ a trusted work colleague or friend to help you steer clear from the buffet.

4. Quality control

Just because it is the Yuletide doesn’t mean you should eat everything in sight. Learn to say no, especially when it is food that you love the most.

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5. Bring healthy snacks to replace unhealthy ones

For snacks, you can take fresh platters of fruit with yogurt, roasted unsalted nuts or sushi rolls and vegetable sticks with dip along. For BBQ’s, bring vegetable skewers, marinated chicken or seafood instead of sausages.

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