5 Top Wild Food Vegetables


1. Sea Kale

Sea kale is a food which is found alongside the coast of Europe, California, Oregon and Alaska. In case you find yourself along these listen part, all you need to do is to reach out or keep an eye for sea kale. This weed is found beneath the water and is recognized for its incredible nutritious element. However, this food being high in many essential vitamins including vitamin C,  has a green color pigment and provides the boy with a lot of nutrient it requires to carry out different functions.

Sea kale is very easy to prepare. It is edible in two ways, either raw or cooked, perhaps it can be prepared or cooked in different ways of preference. It is advisable that when found in the natural environment, be sure to check out the sea kale’s extensive root system which can also be cooked and eaten.

2. Dandelion

Dandelion is a flower like which can also serve as food, it contain very strong and heavy nutrients that is why it is actually noticed as one of the top food vegetables. This food is found across most of North America, but it’s very difficult to see most people eating dandelion. We actually found out that not only are dandelions extremely healthy, but are also used as excellent addition in salads, baked goods and even burger.

3. Stinging Nettle

A lot of people have gotten the change to actually witness how this food looks like and they said it looks like mint and can be found in many parts of North America. This veggie is known for its important essential nutrient that it has like, vitamin A, C and D. furthermore, not forgetting that it also contains iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium and it is also high in protein.

4. Sea Beet

Sea beet is a very wild vegetable which is found in the average grocery store. Although it is not as popular as other wild veggies but sea beets on its own is very delicious. It has a kale-like rough texture and a flavor that is similar to spinach.

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5. American Lotus

Over the years, American lotus was a critical food source for the indigenous people of the present day United States. The most interesting thing in this plant that everyone love is that both the root, shoot, flowers and young seeds are all edible.

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