5 Ultimate Anti-aging Exercises


For anti-aging exercises you need to make sure that all the exercise you do are focusing on your body as a whole unit and affecting it. Focusing on a certain area isn’t going to help out a lot at an older age. Stretching your body regularly with cardiovascular exercise routines is your road back to youth my friend.

The most important thing in anti aging exercises that needs to be mentioned is that you should improve your flexibility. Stretch before starting and loosen the muscles to do your workout more effectively. Stretching is vital for your flexibility. If you do not stretch, an injury may be caused by the trainings. These 5 anti-aging exercises are on top of my list.

#1. Ballistic Stretching:

This type of stretching can serve as proper exercise routine if you are at an older age. It’s also known as dynamic stretching. The routine consists of fast bouncing movements that help your body to be more flexible. These stretches are common for athletes, prepares them before they do the actual physical activity.

#2. Static Stretching:

In static stretching you start very slowly and gradually increase the pace of your stretches. Each stretch is done and maintained for a at least a time span of 20 seconds. Your muscle becomes lose enough for your good body in this time. You shouldn’t be feeling any pain during each stretching variety. Try do go as far as you can without hurting yourself.

#3. More Cardio:

Yes you heard it right you need to do more cardio then you regularly do as you age. This doesn’t mean that you need to run more than your son or race him. But just try and do more than your own previous self. A U.S examination found out that 240 minutes of cardio exercise is good enough to keep the heart healthy.

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#4. PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation):

This is a type of stretching created by physiotherapists to do physical therapy of patients while they are in their rehabilitation phase. It isn’t that easy to understand, that is why a lot of people avoid it.

#5. Strength Training:

Get a pair of small hand weights and train with them to give your muscles fitness treat. Strength training is most helpful with your old age because it gives extra bit of strength to your body. Your saggy old skin can be strengthened by this.

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