5 Unusual Reasons You are Not Losing Weight


I can name a hundred reasons as to why you aren’t losing weight even if you are following a routine. Human nature has it that it stops you from doing anything which is good for you. You need to overcome that feeling and just do it. Breathing in caramel-covered popcorn, and having consistent home glad hours—these are clear reasons you aren’t shedding pounds. But I’ll explain the reasons in more detail for you.

#1. Drinking Soda:

Drinking soda even diet soda is one of the possibilities and very strong ones which can cause you not to lose weight. The reason is artificial carbohydrates present in all soda products which cause sugar levels to rise sky high causing excessive fat in the body.

#2. Fiber Deficit:

One other main and unusual cause for not losing weight can be the low amount of fiber in your system. It is way more than just another ingredient in your food. It will help you in creating a feeling of fullness so that you consume less calories.

#3. Vampire Life:

Sleeping more does not just do what’s needed, rest diminish levels of cortisol, it additionally delivers development hormone (GH). GH basically has the inverse impact of cortisol on the body—it empowers fat misfortune, underpins your resistant framework, and keeps your organs working legitimately.

Rest additionally adjusts the hormones that control hunger. On the off chance that you’ve ever gone to bed hungry and woken up not ravenous, this is the reason. On the other side, on the off chance that you miss a night’s rest you are prone to eat more calories the following day. While it changes from individual to individual, the vast majority of us ought to mean to get 7 to 9 hours of rest every night.

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#4. Poor Digestion:

In the event that you need to enhance your capacity to lose fat, support your invulnerable framework, get an unmistakable skin or simply feel better on an everyday base your absorption must be fit as a fiddle. A few tips to inspire it to work: drink water, lessen stress, eat not so much snacks but rather more adjusted suppers, ensure you are biting your sustenance sufficiently long and diminish dairy.

#5. Anxiety:

Almost none of the over weighed people accept the fact  that anxiety can slaughter your weight loss efforts. Why? Since anxiety discharges cortisoaka “the anxiety hormone”, which empowers the capacity of muscle to fat ratio ratios and corrupts of muscles tissue? Attempt to bring down your anxiety level and you will perceive how quick it functions.

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