5 Variations of Back Pose


Our back is THE most important part of our body if you take it in terms of fitness. None of the exercises or workout movements can be practiced if you don’t have a strong enough back. But we always take our backs for granted in our routine. Until the point in life comes when you realize how important it was to keep your back fit and strong. Back pain can be very frustrating and rude to anyone, requiring surgeries in some cases. Stretching your back regularly is easy and one way to do that is doing yoga back poses. I’ll be enlightening you with my top 5 back pose variations here:

#1. Downward Dog:

This is considered to be the best back posture in yoga by me. It will send stretches throughout your body which is the whole point of yoga. Start by becoming a tabletop and then try making an inverted V with your body. Draw your inner thighs towards the back side while relaxing your neck. Spread shoulders apart stretching the back more. This will open up your lower back. Take five or seven breaths in this position.

#2. Seated Forward Fold:

Doing a seat forward fold rightly is very difficult, take my word on that! But if you do it right it can relieve all the stiffness and pain from your lower back portion. Get into a seated position with legs extended ahead of you; now reach for your ankles by bending the hips. If it hurts your back you may bend the knees.

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#3. Bow Pose:

As it is clear from the name, you have to make a bow shape with your body. Lie with your face down, start lifting your legs in the air and put pressure on your hips. After this try to move your feet towards your head by grabbing them with your hands extended backwards. This posture is very helpful for hips and back.

#4. Child’s Pose:

This is considered as a more relaxing exercise by yoga tutors. Yet this is a very effective back stretching technique. Get on all fours and then sit on your butt by keeping arms forward so that your hips rest on your heels. Now breath as deeply as you can feeling your blood flow and relaxing your body.

#5. Cat/Cow pose:

These two postures are good to keep your back healthy. Initial position here will be table top. Switch between arching your back and push to the floor by rounding it. As you round the back on the floor use force from your palms and feet.

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