5 Warning Signs That You Are Unhealthy


How often do you neglect the nagging voice in the back of your mind that tells you to get up and get yourself into shape? If you’re living a generally unhealthy lifestyle, you’re probably putting yourself in harms way. While most of us are aware that we shouldn’t be shoveling garbage down our throats at every opportunity, we still do it anyway.

With time, the effects of unhealthy life choices start to take their toll and the body starts to give some clues that all is not well. Has your body been acting strange lately? Read on to find out more on warning signs that you are unhealthy.

1. Bad skin1

The quality of your skin is a sure-fire way to get a reading on your overall level of health. Of course, some people struggle with skin issues like acne and are otherwise perfectly fine, but skin quality can help you determine where you stand health-wise. A poor diet can really impact your skin quality, and if you’re noticing blemishes like stretch marks, that should tell you that something is wrong.

2. Sleep Issues2

Can’t seem to fall asleep at night? This could be an indication that some aspects of your life need adjusting. Whether it be that you’re eating the wrong foods, ingesting too much caffeine late in the day, or not expending enough energy during the day, not being able to sleep is a sign that something may be wrong.

3. Bathroom Problems3

Take note of the color of your urine, and even how frequently you’re going: those could both provide important insights into the state of your overall health. Since you’re probably going to ask, your urine should be a pale yellow color — and hopefully odorless. As for your bowel movement frequency, there’s a wide range of reasonable possibilities. But if you’re going regularly, you’re probably fine.

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4. Body Temperature Fluctuations4

Icy feet and hands aren’t normal. Yes, there could be environmental factors at play, but if you’re consistently finding that your extremities are ice cold, it can be a sign of cardiovascular problems. Specifically, cold hands or feet might mean that you’re having circulation issues, and that your body isn’t getting blood where it needs it. If this is a chronic issue, have it checked out.

5. Bad Finger and Toe Nails5

If the condition of your lips wasn’t a solid enough indicator, your finger and toe nails could also give you a heads-up if you’re unhealthy. You’re going to want to be on the lookout for ridges, discoloration, and bumps, all of which should be red flags. Your nails can tell you a lot about your overall state of health, so if something is strange, don’t ignore it.

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