5 Ways to Avoid Overeating This Christmas

It is Christmas season! Party time is fully up!! Telling yourself that you will not overeat is a waste of time as you know that is not true. There are family members bound on making sure you get fat before the end of the day, the food is endless, drinks are forever filling empty glasses and the food just keeps on coming. At this point, nobody is looking at if it is healthy, your conscience practically doesn’t exist at this point even if you keep hearing; “you will regret this later”.

Most festive period especially this ones are loaded with so many goodies from the Christmas pudding, to the chocolates and little vanilla creamed cakes etc.  Which is extremely difficult for some of us to smile away from.

However there are healthier options like turkey, salmon, cranberries and the likes. For one who is watching their weight, you are unlike everyone in that room (a good pep talk before heading to the said venue will do, give yourself the best warning you can) and it is best that you remember you are on a mission and this Christmas season will not ruin it for you. You can control it, the choice and will is yours, here is how;

1. Eat before you go to a function

If you are bound to go to a function this Christmas, be sure to eat before you. A sizable protein meal will help you keep you full and curb any cravings you might have. Proteins takes time to burn out so if a tray of delicious food or goodies passes before you, it won’t be your stomach making that decision.

2. Don’t starve yourself

It is also important to not starve yourself as some people tend to under eat so they fit into that bikini of theirs. Don’t be extreme about the situation either. The trick is to eat in small portions. A nibble here and there and pass.

Having a small bag of protein nuts will help keep you full. Drink a lot of water too, there will be healthy juices, feast on those. Have fun but don’t starve and don’t eat too much of one thing as you might be filling up the space for something else, causing you to eat more when you see your favorite delicacy.

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3. Be healthy and creative with your cooking

Two points to be noted here. First if you are a host, please plan a healthy Christmas feast. Even if it is going to be a mixture of everything, healthy should triumph above fat and greasy. Take your time, perhaps before the season starts and prepare on your menu. Healthy always wins.

Second, another point to note is that the way a meal is presented makes it easier For example; in one US study researchers found that when people were offered a piece of the same chocolate brownie on a napkin, paper plate or china plate they reported it tasted far better when eaten from the china plate. And if something tastes better we’re more likely to go back for more. A tables decorated with all the best glassware and style offers the promise of a delicious food, chocolate that comes in different wraps tend to be consumed more than on the same wrappings.

4. Be selective

It is important you are selective about the events you go to, whilst it is nice to go to be invited to a lot of event, it is better to choose for your own health sake. Choose one special occasion or a work occasion and go to.

5. Keep it in perspective

It is important not to forget that this a season of giving, sharing and basically just chilling. Don’t stress about the food process, what to give anyone or not give. If the occasion is proving to be much more chaotic than normal. Ask everyone to bring dish, that way, there will be a variety of healthy dishes to choose from.

Also as a guest, don’t be too critical of your food choices, simply eat, don’t indulge and have fun. Get occupied with the people around you than the food and you will hardly notice the food. Another trick is to make sure you are with people, you will hardly eat ravenously when you are in the company of people.

Have a merry Christmas!

image couresy: medicalland.gr, salamatsho.ir, clickatlife.gr.

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