5 Ways to Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Panting after unwholesome is a common thing that happens to everybody. There are a few factors that pave way for these yearnings, such as your response to stress, hormonal fluctuation, eating disorder, and depression. Despite the fact that this craving can be difficult to overcome, you can with determination and a few simple tricks triumph over these cravings.

1. Be mindful

When you’re faced with a food craving, pause for a second and ponder upon your thought and responses. Research has shown and proven that taking a moment to stop and spot out your mental and physical state can aid in making the cravings dissipate.

Stop and ask yourself, what exactly am I feeling right now? Why do I want this? Sometimes, this may not work. But then, at least in some situations stopping to examine your thinking patterns can lead to improved decisions.

2. Visualize rewards

Different psychological researches prove that picturing anticipated behavior can help you follow through on it. Stop for an instant and try to visualize, as brightly as you can, the amazing recompenses of making the right choices. For instance, picture yourself ten pounds lighter and what you will feel and look like if you constantly consume a wholesome diet.

3. Postpone but don’t deny your cravings

If you desire something unhealthy, don’t tell yourself  no. As an alternative, tell yourself, perhaps I’ll eat it later. Psychological research shows that every so often, choosing to eat something later is sufficient to end the craving. Chances are the craving will have passed in a short time.

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4. Replace your cravings

If truly you’re hungry, then it’s okay to eat. But then again, rather than eating potato chips or cookies, go for a healthy snack. This can be even more effective if you can spot out your cravings. An actual food craving might lead to something missing in your diet.

For example a chocolate craving might means that you need magnesium. As a replacement for, try snacking on nuts, leafy greens and natural fruits or opt for the vitamins or minerals supplement.

5. Choose healthy snacks

Make sure to select healthy options of snack that will thoroughly satisfy your snacking desire. For instance. For a salty crunch, instead of potato chips go in for popcorn. Fresh air-popped corns are ideal on the other hand if you pick for microwave popcorn, choose a low fat variety.

If you’re craving for something candy, go for some trail mix with dried fruit, perhaps of some chocolate chips. This is an excellent source of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.  You could have a piece of dark chocolate. It’s high in healthy antioxidants and lower in sugar.

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