5 Ways Your Brain Fails You When You are Trying to Lose Weight

15 Ways Your Brain Fails You When You are Trying to Lose Weight 2

The moment you realize that you have put on a lot of weight and now you need to burn fat, you convince yourself to do whatever it takes to burn these excess calories. Looking at the mirror, you start thinking of ways or start researching on how to get back in shape. But, sometimes we approach weight loss using techniques which are very hard to cope with and give short-term results.

Planning an extreme diet

Due to the high level of motivation, in the beginning, most of us try extreme dieting. This is when you stop eating everything and start living on boiled vegetables, soup, juices, or canned diet food. These diets help you lose some weight but after some days your body will get used to eating less and the weight loss will stop, and most of the times we are unable to continue this diet for a long time which may result in weight gain.

Setting high goals in work out

It is said that to exercise is the best way to burn fat. But if we set high goals like exercising for two hours per day, it is obvious that this isn’t possible. Another thing our brain tells us is that we can eat as much as we want and then we will make it up by working out. But, this is a wrong approach if you want to lose fat for real.

Saying you will do it tomorrow

Something you must have heard while growing up is that if you say ‘I will do it tomorrow’ that ‘tomorrow’ never comes. It’s true and most of the times your brain gives you this idea to leave the work on tomorrow.

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Eating and starving

Sometimes your brain will convince you to overeat and stock up your stomach, and then not eat for a long time. For example, some people have a full lavish meal day and then starve the next day. This does not help at all as your body simply starts storing the excess calories and uses it the next day when you don’t consume any calories. This will definitely not help you lose weight.

Trusting the fat-free labels

When we read the labels of gluten-free or fat-free, our brain starts playing with our emotions. The brain sends an instant signal to our heart that this product is made for you: “it’s not fattening yet a treat for you”. We tend to buy such products based on such reasoning, but in reality, most of them are not very healthy.


Thus, you must control your brain rather than your brain controlling you.

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