5 Ways to Cleanse Without Juicing

Juice cleansing or detoxing is probably not for everyone. You don’t have to stay hungry, keep torturing yourself or mess with your blood sugar levels all because you want to cleanse your body. Below are 7 ways that you can cleanse your body, aside from juicing.

1. Remove processed sugar from your diet

Processed sugar often has negative effects on the body as it can drain your body of minerals like magnesium and will be stored as fat, if not burned by the body. When sugar is processed, it creates Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE’s) that can damage collagen fibers and lead to less elastic skin and wrinkles.

2. Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeine, soda, and energy can wear out the adrenal glands, and this can cause the production of the stress hormone-cortisol. When the cortisol level rises, it leads to poor sleep quality and the accumulation of body fat. Being addicted to caffeinated drinks might just make things get worse, so now may be the time to break off your addiction. You can always opt for pure water to keep your body hydrated.

3.  Remove wheat

Wheat meals are usually high on the glycemic index, which is why they shouldn’t be taken in excess quantity. A lot of people have intolerance to wheat and this may affect their health. So, rather than taking your bread, pasta, pastries, or boxed cereals, you can always replace them with whole grains like oats, brown rice, or quinoa.

4. Eat more raw foods

Raw foods contain live enzymes that aid in digestion. Salads and vegetables might just be the best options for this. Eating veggies will not only aid in digestion, but also lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, and keep you hydrated. You can make some of the veggies into smoothies and juices, for an interesting drink. Raw seeds and nuts, coconut, and avocado are also great at nourishing the body with healthy fats and also support the joints.

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5. Remove dairy products from your diet

Many people are intolerant of dairy products, as their bodies do not produce lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar in milk products). So, if you are lactose intolerant, dairy products may not be the best for you, as they can cause excess mucus in the body.


We’ve provided you with five different ways to detoxicate your body easily without having to go through a whole tiresome process. Stick to this and you will surely see the difference soonest.

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