5 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Quickly

Are you looking for a way to lose a few pounds quickly? Then do these five things.

1. Drink tea instead of soda

In a recent research, participants who included green tea in their diet and removed soda, lost an average of ten pounds a week. This is because green tea contains antioxidants, that help to burn fat stored in the body.

In fact, another research has determined that green tea burns more calories in the body than it itself contains. Sodas on the other hand contain a lot of sugar per container that is up to 15 cubes per can or bottle, adding more calories to the body.

A typical can of coke contains about 140 calories, while green tea burns up to 70 calories, meaning that if you were to forsake coke and be taking green tea, you will be saving up to 210 calories a day.

2. Drink water

Before you start eating a major meal, drink at least two cups of water. Research has shown that water lessens hunger and appetite, so that you do not overeat.

Also drinking water during and after the meal, helps to make you feel full for longer so that you do not eat again soon after eating for the first time.

3. Sleep longer

When you sleep, your body re-balances the hormones responsible for hunger and appetite, reducing the hunger you feel during the day, which in turn reduces how much you eat.

In a study conducted not too long ago, participants who were deprived of sleep consumed more than 300 calories a day. Another study shows that those who lose thirty minutes of sleep a day, had their risk of obesity increased by over 17 percent.

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4. Take the stairs

If you are the type that likes taking the escalator or elevator, instead of walking the stairs, you are depriving yourself of an opportunity to lose weight. A study has shown that those who spend ten minutes a day climbing up and down the stairs burnt up to 400 calories a week, translating to around six pounds a year.

5. Relax

Unlike what it seems, stress can be a very quick way to get fat fast. When you are stressed up, the cortisol hormone stimulates the body to make fat stores, in the expectation, that hard times are coming. Stress also causes some people to eat more to forget their problems, also adding on weight. Do other activities that relax you like singing, sex, dancing etcetera.

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