5 Ways to Make Your Thighs Thicker

You keep looking at your tights and feel that they are too thin for liking. Well, there are some things you can do to make them thicker. The FireUp Fitness will offer you some recommendations on how to do it, in a safe and healthy way.

1. Push yourself to work out harder

The muscle growth takes place when you exercise your muscles to a point that the tiny fibers get broken down, creating room for them to come back stronger and bigger. When your muscles are being worked out. They get accustomed to handling, it just don’t happen all of a sudden. Only when you push yourself exercising till you feel that burn, do your muscles react by becoming bigger. You can start noticing enhanced growth immediately by taking more intense steps to your exercise.

2. Increase the pace of your reps

Working out fiercely, making use of the fast bursts of movements rather than slow, steady movement has proven to upsurge muscle progress. Keep this in your mind that when you’re carrying out your thigh workouts. To drill on an explosive exercise, set a time for  2 – 4 minutes and do as many reps as you can all through that period of time. Take a short rest when time’s up, then repeat the exercise.

3. Make sure you’re using the right form

There is no exercise that will give you the desired result you needed if you’re doing it in the wrong way. Work with a trainer or watch videos online to know the right way to do the thigh exercises. When you exercise, keep it in mind,  that you have to feel burns, mainly in your thighs. If you’re feeling it elsewhere, then you are doing it in a wrong way.

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4. Add weight and reps over time

Your muscles will grow as the weeks go by and soon get adapted to the amount of weight you’re putting on it. If you want to get them bigger, you will need to increase the weight weekly. Look for new weights that you can lift making use of the right for about 10 reps without wanting to stop.

5. Work out different muscle groups on different days

This provides your muscles the opportunity to relax and reconstruct as you’re exercising the different group of muscles. If you concentrate more on thigh workout one day, work out your chest, back and arms the next day, then return to the thighs. The retrieval session is just as vital to muscles growth as the breaking down period.

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