5 Ways to Prevent a Hangover

This FireUp will give you hints and guidance on how to prevent hangovers so that you can have a wonderful morning after partying.

1. Eat something

Usually referred to as “soakage”, consuming something before a night of restrained to heavy drinking without doubt helps to reduce the effects of a hangover. In fact, the more you eat, the more time will be needed for the alcohol to actually have an effect on you.  This is because food aids to lessen the creation of acetaldehyde in your stomach, and it is this element that is said to be the main cause of hangovers.

2. Take vitamins

Your body makes use of a lot of vitamins and nutrients when absorbing alcohol, while alcohol itself puts an end to essential vitamin B. Exhausted of these vitamins, your body has a hard time moving itself back into shape, paving way for a dreaded hangover. You can support your contaminated liver by taking a vitamin supplement leading up to any major drinking event. For the utmost operational results, go for B complex, B6 or B12 vitamins.

3. Have a spoon of olive oil

This probably might sound gross, but then again a lot of Mediterranean cultures swear by this hangover prevention method. Essentially, it’s the same code as eating fatty food before drinking – the fat in the olive oil will restrict your body’s intake of alcohol. So if you can stomach it, swallow a tablespoon of olive oil before leaving for the night.

4. Drink milk

Milk is often said to help avoid hangovers as it develops a coat on the lining of the stomach, which may aid in limiting the quantity of alcohol that is taken into your bloodstream. Although there is little scientific evidence to back up the idea that milk aids in preventing a hangover, there are a lot of people who have vouch for this method. If nothing else, milk is a wholesome cause of calcium and B vitamins, so drinking it can’t hurt.

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5. Choose light liquors

Dark liquors – like whisky, brandy, tequilas and some bourbon – have a higher absorption of toxins called congeners, which are developed throughout the process of distilling and fermenting alcohol. These toxins can leads to the sternness of your hangover, so if you’re going to drink the hard stuff, stay for the light colored liquors like vodka and gin to reduce your absorption of toxins.

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