5 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar

Ever wondered how you could reduce your blood sugar? Well, here are some tips to help you. Before going into the topic, let’s make a quick run through “Blood Sugar” as a whole.

What is blood sugar? You probably have heard about blood sugar overtime and wondered what it is all about. Blood sugar is simply the sugar present in the blood and it comes from what we eat. The sugar in question, is not the same as the sugar found in beverages, but known as glucose.

Increased levels of blood sugar is very harmful to the health. There are many symptoms or signs of high blood sugar. Some of which includes headache, increased thirst, frequent urination, easily feeling fatigued, weight gain, blurry vision and sometimes inability or trouble concentrating.

These symptoms are not absolute or static, but individuals may experience some and not necessarily all the symptoms and these symptoms if not treated, would lead to more dangerous or long term illnesses like blindness. Some of the causes of high blood sugar include intake of too much of carbohydrate, when you have an infection, when you are ill or under stress, or even taking part in strenuous activities.

A high blood sugar level also has its own negative sides some of which can be seen in the symptoms, but an example is feeling fatigued.

Now going back to the main topic, how one can reduce his or her blood sugar if it is high. There are actually many steps one can follow to reduce the blood sugar, we have the natural and the artificial means. Some of them are listed below.

1. Take insulin

Insulin is present in every individual and it enables the cells present in the muscles, liver and fat to absorb the glucose present in the blood. Insulin would be needed in the body, when the body cannot secrete enough, to meet up its own needs, or if the body does not absorb the insulin secreted by it.

Absence of insulin or lack of enough causes sugar levels in the blood to rise. Insulin can be taken by simply injecting it into the body. It is advised that this process be carried out by prescription and orders from a medical expert, because the dosage to be taken varies, depending on the individual.

2. Exercise

Exercising is very good for the body as a whole and it also helps to reduce the sugar level in the body. Individuals can engage in exercises like walking, swimming, cycling and even skipping.

These exercises are not strenuous and can be easily engaged in. Strenuous exercise as mentioned earlier can lead to a high blood sugar, so it is advised that individuals engage in mild exercises.

3. Drinking water

This is a very easy step in managing the blood sugar. Water helps a lot at this stage, because the body tries to flush out the excess sugar from the blood through urine.

At this stage, the body uses up water faster and you would need more water present in the body to re-hydrate it and also to flush out excess sugar. This is the reason individuals with high sugar levels tend to get thirsty frequently.

4. Dieting

This is a very vital step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Carbohydrates contain the most amount of glucose, which means individuals should do away with carbohydrates and make do with other kinds of food available.

Individuals are advised to take eat more oats, wheat, beans and  vegetables. Dieting is very important, as it helps regulate what you put into the body. Regardless of the situation, individuals are not to let go carbohydrates completely, because it can lead to low blood sugar, which isn’t also healthy.

5. Seek help

It is extremely important that individuals seek help from medical experts in this field. Despite following these methods, it is advised that individuals still meet with a doctor. This is because some individuals with rare cases may not be able to adequately help themselves with these steps.

A professional doctor would be needed to help treat the short term or long term illnesses associated with high blood sugar.

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