5 Ways to Naturally Help You If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the world’s leading problems in the area of health and there are a number of treatments that can prevent it from increasing to a fatal point. In other situations, the treatment to change your lifestyles entirely to fit a certain routine so the patient can live longer or healthily. Whoever thought that something so sweet could kill a person? Use that as a measure for everything and you will see that the sweetest things are what pushes people to the grave and the issue of diabetes is no different. Here are 5 natural ways to treat diabetes.

Refined sugar

Refined sugars in drinks, foods etc, are the issues that need to be tackled for diabetes to be handled properly. This type of sugar increases the level of sugar in the blood. Even natural sweeteners can also increase blood sugar. If you are dealing with diabetes, one has to eliminate sugar from your diet entirely, your best option is to replace all sugar with stevia.


Grains or an excess of it has to be eliminated, especially gluten containing grains, as these are also carbohydrates and when they are broken down, they break down into sugar. Gluten causes intestinal inflammation which can affect hormones like cortisol and leptin and increase the level of blood sugar. To be on the safe side, if you are being treated for diabetes, it is best to abstain from grains for at least 30 days for your healing process, then gradually start using ancient grains.

Conventional cow’s milk

This should be eliminated from one’s diet completely, especially for a type 1 diabetic patient. Milk produced from conventional cows will harm the body and trigger a response like that of the effect of gluten. Instead, buy dairy products gotten from grass-fed animals.

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Alcohol is known to increase the blood sugar level and lead to liver toxicity. This includes all alcoholic drinks such as beer, sweet drinks and canned drinks or anything that contains lots of carbohydrates should be avoided.

GMO foods 

In combating diabetes, genetically modified foods can be very harmful for the body and as such, all GMO foods should be avoided. This includes packaged foods as well. In the area of oil, remove all hydrogenated oils from your diet like vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, cotton seed oil etc. Let your Doctor or nutritionist guide you as to what you should use and what to substitute for GMO foods.

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