5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

5 Yoga Tips For Beginners 1

Engaging yoga exercises for some can be quite an endearing and fun experience, while for others, a tough and seemingly frustrating experience that drives them to eventually quit. However, just because you couldn’t cope with the lessons been offered at one or two studios, doesn’t mean you can’t still perform those yoga exercises or take those extra classes that you love.

With a little bit of detailed instruction and a lot of self-compassion, getting started on your yoga path is fun, easy, and exciting! Here are the top five tips for yoga beginners to get you started on your yoga path.

1. Fix a time

One of the most important steps every beginner must endeavor to do, is  fixing a particular time for yoga practices. Whether or not you are going to be doing them at home, you must make it a habit to do your yoga exercises at a fixed time. After a while, you will automatically get used to doing what you have to do without failing.

2. Select your space

Selecting a perfect space also means, making use of an environment free of disturbance. If your home seems like the perfect place for you, then make sure, you are not disturbed by the activities of your family, constant ringing of doorbells or telephones, etc. You need to think it through properly and determine whether or not, those factors aren’t present; otherwise, using your home should be ruled out.

3. Start small

As a beginner, you are expected to start with easy-to-do yoga poses or stretching exercises. Since yoga is not a competitive sport or whatsoever, there is no point trying to over-extend yourself in the process of performing an exercise. Take your time and perform all the basics and then work your way up from there. Even doing yoga for 20 to 30 minutes for starters including “pranayama’’ can go a long way to building your core.

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4. Research

If you have to take up yoga classes for a month or have a yoga instructor teach you at home, then you can go ahead doing just that. Otherwise, you might just have to go for those DVD lessons for yoga.

5. Set the mood

Yoga is mainly about finding inner peace. That means having to set the right mood before you proceed. Also, you might want to make things a bit more intense by dimming the lights and putting on soft music in the background.

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