6 Benefits of Pilates

Pilates are a great exercise for low impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. Since it was created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, it’s become quite popular with gym enthusiasts, irrespective of age or level of ability. This method of exercise also emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Below are 6 benefits of Pilates you should know:

1. It improves posture

You can improve your posture with Pilates, as it makes you more aware of your ability to suck in your stomach and pull your shoulders down to get the right posture and make your spine align well. If you keep doing this consistently, it will affect your posture greatly such that even on days when you are not performing the exercise, you will realize how improved your posture is.

2. It improves flexibility

With the kind of moves you will have to engage in while performing this exercise, not improving your flexibility will be almost impossible. Pilates help to elongate the muscles, and also increase your range of motion. Being flexible reduces your risk of minor injuries, and will even make you perform better in other stretching exercises.

3. It improves breathing

Pilates need a lot of concentration, especially with your breathing. You will have to pay careful attention to how you breathe while you perform the exercise. An improved breathing will help your blood to circulate well, and this will permit an effective flow of oxygen to every part of the body.

4. It increases energy

The more you practice Pilates, the more your level of energy is increased, and this will give you the ability to do even more. From the effective blood circulation derived from the improved breathing, your muscles will be stimulated, resulting in the energy you feel afterwards.

5. It increases muscle strength and tone

Pilates are a great method of exercise to opt for if you want a well toned body. It engages and contracts the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and the glutes. As these muscles keep contracting, they become strengthened and well toned.

6. It conditions the whole body

Pilates doesn’t focus on only one part of the body, like some other exercises. They will give a full body workout, from the head to the toe, and one part isn’t trained better than the other but rather, equally. This will help you to enjoy other forms of exercises better, with less risk of injury.

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