6 Best Tips To Decrease Your Blood Cholesterol

If you’ve been battling with cholesterol for quite some time now, it’ll please you to know that you can put an end to that struggle. Experts have suggested that changing the kind of foods you eat is usually one of the first steps to take when looking to decrease your body cholesterol. While certain foods like meat and whole-milk are known to aid in weight loss, studies have shown these foods can cause your cholesterol levels to rise significantly. Aside sticking to a proper diet routine, there are other things you can do help you decrease your body cholesterol. Read on to find out what they are:

1.Walk everyday

It’s no secret that an inactive lifestyle leads to weight gain, which is associated with increased body cholesterol. Experts have recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise. Also, you can try exercising in 10-minute intervals several times a day – can be an effective way to begin weight loss journey.

2. Drink some water

A recent study found that drinking five or more glasses of water a day could help lower one’s risk of heart disease by fifty to sixty percent — no different from the drop you get from cutting out cigarettes, exercising or losing weight. So maybe you don’t really like ordinary water, you can always go online and check out some creative ideas on how to drink H2O.

3. Eat grape fruit

According to studies, eating one or more grapefruit each day can lower your total cholesterol levels by a significant amount. What’s more, grapefruit can help trigger your body to lose weight, get a better night’s sleep and even help you fight heart disease and cancer.

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4. Eat salad

Leafy greens and egg yolks, due to their richness in lutein, a phytochemical that transports antioxidants which battle heart disease to the heart and brain, are another great food option to take and stay in perfect health.

5. Eat nuts

Did you know that you could reduce your risk of heart disease to thirty percent by simply replacing your carb-rich snack with nuts for weight loss? One recent study found that people who replaced 127 calories of carbs with one ounce of nuts daily, proved to maintain a healthier heart than others who didn’t.

6. Drink green tea

So many studies have shown that drinking green tea can help reduce your cholesterol levels. Some experts have even concluded that drinking the equivalent of 7 cups of green tea a day can help decrease cholesterol levels by an amount of 16 percent.


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