The 6 Best Upper Body Replacement Exercises

Your body, just like it gets addicted to drugs, can become adapted to exercises, and hence reduces their impact. So it will take a different exercise routine to produce the same or more effects.

You cannot be doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expect the same results. That is insanity.

The following are the six best exercise routines to replace ones you might already be doing, which will produce more impacts for the top half of your body.

1. Bent over rows

Replace dumbbell rows with bent over rows, as dumbbell rows require both of your arms to be equally strong, which is not usually the case, as one arm might be weaker than the other (due to a muscle injury or some other reason), causing the weight to be heavier on that side.

Bent over rows enable your arms to apply the same force to lift the bar, and also develops stabilization in your torso, trunk and chest.

2. Push-ups

Replace chest flyes with push-ups, as push-ups strengthen the same muscles that chest flyes strengthen, but also work on developing more muscles that you will need to use during your day to day operations (such as pushing a cart, etc).

3. Skull crushers

Replace triceps extension with skull crushers which works much more muscles than triceps extension does. When done on the floor, it increases stabilization for your chest and shoulder muscles.

4. One arm raise

Replace lateral dumbbell raises with one arm raising exercise. One arm lateral exercise works the sides of your belly, your shoulder muscles and also increases the stability of your core. Lateral dumbbell raises only work your shoulder muscles, it does not strengthen your weaker arm as the one arm lateral exercise does.

5. Resisted cable raise

Replace dumbbell shoulder presses with resisted cable raises if you are suffering from shoulder pains. Dumbbell shoulder presses put too much strain on the shoulder muscles while resisted cable exercise reduces that strain, hence reducing shoulder pains.

6. Cable chops

Replace seated rows with cable chops as they allow you to concentrate on one arm at a time, increasing your metabolic rate, and hence, a greater stress is placed on your muscles, which makes them strengthen faster, especially if heavier weights are used.

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