6 Best Ways You Can Eat Eggs

Eggs are very nutritious and have been eaten over a very long time now, they are classified as super foods because of how much nutrient they are loaded with and are a modern diet too. It is delicious and how we eat it matters, below are ways you can eat egg and enjoy the nutrients in it.

1. Egg salad

Eating egg with salad is very good for the body because it cuts down the fatty mayonnaise used in it, you lay a slice of bread, then add some vegetables of any kind you feel you and add some mayonnaise, trust me it’s very palatable and healthy and you don’t have to miss this.

2. Fry as omelet

The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to eat an egg, you think of frying, that’s because frying omelet is easy and if you want to monitor your cholesterol level, you can do that by frying. Which is simple to do, you just separate the yolk from the egg white which is cholesterol free and this makes a healthy heart.

3. Poached eggs

Having a poached egg makes eating egg very delicious, you must boil a pan of water then you lower the egg making sure you carefully crack it into a spoon, making some of the white drain and lower it slowly into the pan of water to boil for about 2 to 3 minutes, then you can add to your toasted whole grain, chicken noodle soup or Caesar salad, whatever you want to blend it with is good.

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4. Eggs soup

Add your raw egg to a steaming soup and let it cook well, it becomes thicker and gives you a meal feel with protein that will help boost your immune system.

5. Baked eggs

When you are looking for an attractive brunch dish you can think baked eggs. Crack a raw egg to your breakfast bun and put it in the oven to bake for a while, you can use multi grain rolls which are good and serves as a filling breakfast.

6. Deviled eggs

This takes about 10 minutes to make, you take the yolk out of the boiled egg, then you place the whites on a platter, mash the yolk into crumbles then add cholesterol free mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt and some pepper to the mash yolk and mix it well then use a teaspoon to put the mixture into the egg white.

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