6 Diet and Exercise Habits to Obtain a Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is not an easy one to come by, but by doing the right things you can attain your desired results. The right things here will be your diet and exercise habits. One can’t emphasize enough about how these two things will help you achieve your stomach goals. Here is how to go about it;

1. Work Every Angle

When exercising be sure to work every angle of your stomach, that is doing an abs circuit, use all 3 planes of motion. Go for sit ups, crunches, twists for transverse action. Most people do the mistake of only doing one type of stomach exercise. Go all round. Research and watch videos of all the stomach exercise one can do and do them.

2. Consume More Green Foods

The more green you incorporate in your diet the better for your flat stomach goal. The antioxidant present in green based foods will help for metabolism, targeting abdominal fat. Detox juices also help greatly. Find a way to put more vegetables in your food. Stay away from anything sugar.

3. Add Fresh Seafood to Your Plate

Seafood are your friends in this journey to a flat stomach. They are rich in omega 3 and are fat busting foods. Seafood is much healthier than the junk option you might be considering. Research on methods to prepare or eat seafood in its low calorie form.

Poach fish is known to be in calorie form than fried fish. For those that might be worried about the smell of fish, you can use lime, salt and vinegar to clean fish before cooking. Lime can be added as garnish to fish dishes. Read more on this various cooking methods.

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4. Add Intense, High-Speed Intervals Into Your Usual Cardio Workout

Exercise intensely. This is for an all-round body workout, the more you push yourself the better your stomach. Fat will melt off from your body to reveal your abs. combine workouts and work hard, you will burn more calories all round too, giving you an overall fit look.

5. Sneak in a Mini Abs Workout Anywhere

Yes, simply use every minute of the day to do a mini abs exercise, be it whilst showering, whilst sitting at your desk. Engage your core all the time, give it tension. Your muscles are not lengthening or shortening but there is tension on the muscle fibers.

6. Keep a Food Journal

This is an efficient way to control your diet and know what foods you consume that makes your stomach react unpleasantly or produces bloating, therefore the big bulge. When your write what you eat in a day, you can be able to track the culprit. So the next time you eat those same meals, you know the culprit is the food it is you.

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