6 Foods That Will Keep You Hydrated

Foods That Will Hydratepin

Hydration is important, because our bodies are mostly comprised of water. More importantly, maintaining hydration is important for physical and mental performance. However, hydration doesn’t have to be beverage-based, as there are H2O-heavy foods that equally serve the same purpose.

Foods like cucumbers, pineapples and watermelons can help you hydrate just as much as taking water or any other type of beverage in general. Within this article, you’ll learn about six easy-to-find and easy-to-eat foods that will help you maintain your body’s H20 levels.

1. Cucumber

According to studies, cucumbers are more than ninety percent composed of water and are known to provide B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium. If you are looking for the perfect summer beverage, simply add cucumbers to water or better still, you can snack on some cucumber slices.

2. Greens

Greens are roughly 94 percent filled with water and there are so many incredible salad recipes that you could pick from to help you stay hydrated.

3. Pineapple

The Pineapple fruit contains about 90 water content. Not only is this fruit refreshingly sweet, but it also provides the enzyme bromelain, which can aid in digestion and further help to prevent inflammation (a common problem resulting from being in the heat too long).

4. Cantaloupe

Try this variety of melon, containing over 90 percent of water. What’s more, it’s full of vitamin A and only 60 calories for every cup you take. For a much better taste, mix it with lime, mint and ginger.

5. Watermelon

Watermelons are about 92% composed of water. Also, rehydrating electrolytes such as salts, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, are some of the nutrients found in the watermelon fruit. If you are ever thinking of going for a brisk walk down the park, don’t forget to take along a few slices of watermelon with you.

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6. Strawberries

Not just strawberries, but in fact, most berries usually contain more than 90 percent of water. And because they are easy to pack up and carry everywhere, berries are just the perfect hydrating snack to indulge in at any given time of the day.

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