6 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Thank You

Shampoos and conditioners contain several benefits but sometimes come with side-effects and may not always be the best treatment option for your hair. If you’re one of those people who just can’t find the right hair treatment that works for them, there are certain foods you could try eating that will likely help your hair.

Certain foods contain the essential vitamins and nutrients required to promote healthy hair, and eating these foods regularly can help you keep your hair in the best possible condition. Consider the following foods and make sure you find ways of including them in your diet regularly:

1. Red meats

A lot of people avoid red meat for obvious facts, given that it contains a lot of fat, but studies have shown that an adequate amount of red meat in your diet will help your hair grow stronger and thicker.

2. Cottage cheese

This food is packed with protein which is essential for healthy hair. You can opt for the low-fat versions if you are watching your weight.

3. Bananas

Aside from the numerous health benefits of bananas, this wonder-fruit contains silica which is an essential mineral for helping the hair grow thicker.

4. Eggs

Just like red meats, eggs are filled with iron. They also contain lots of Vitamin B which helps the hair to grow faster. Vitamin B is essential for a healthy scalp as well, which will ultimately cause your hair to be healthier. Not getting enough Vitamin B can cause hair to be brittle and break easily, so eat eggs at least a couple of times each week to keep your hair and scalp at their healthiest.

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5. Salmon

Salmon is very good for your hair because it contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help to keep hair shiny and moisturized. It contains several other vitamins that keep the hair healthy.

6. Green veggies

Veggies have loads of vitamin A and vitamin C which are essential for producing sebum, and sebum is a natural conditioner that will prevent dryness.

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