6 Healthy Benefits Of Chicken

You can have grilled, fried or boiled chicken anyway you think you like it. Chicken adds a lot of health benefits to your body than the disadvantages you think, it will cause you. Here are some of the healthy benefits chicken gives to your body when you eat it.

1. Help to burn fats

When you eat chicken, it helps you shed some pounds, studies have proven that chicken is loaded with protein which help to decreases body fat, this because it  helps to reduce calorie intake.

2. Helps to treat cold

Making warm soup with chicken has proven to be a means of relief to common cold, congested nose and sore throat.

3. Helps to reduce your risk of cancer

Studies has proven that the risk of developing colorectal cancer can be reduced by eating chicken than red meats and pork.

4. Prevents bone loss

Eating chicken also helps to fight against bone loss because, of the protein packed in it. As we grow older, the chances of osteoporosis or arthritis increases, so eat chicken to help to reduce it.

5. Supports your teeth

Chicken contains phosphorus which supports your teeth and helps your liver, kidney and central nervous system to function the way it should.

6. Boost metabolism rate

The vitamin B6 found in chicken encourages enzymes and metabolic cells to function properly, it helps to keep blood vessels healthy and boosts your energy levels and it also burn calories and manages your health.

7. Healthy eyes

It is high is retinal, beta carotene, alpha and lycopene, which are from vitamin A and are important for healthy eyes.

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8. Control of blood pressure

Chicken has been very useful in controlling blood circulation, it helps to put your blood pressure at a normal level. You can add chicken to your stew, soup, eat it with fries and some salad or even bake it, they are delicious and can keep you filled-up throughout the day, it has a lot of benefits that are vital to your body. So if you are thinking about having a filling meal for lunch or dinner, let chicken be part of your recipe.

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