6 Healthy Beverages to Drink

If you are very health conscious, there may have been many times when you are offered a beverage and you quickly reply, “Just water for me thanks,” because you want to drink something healthy and safe. While you would be right to stay away from many of the drinks available in the market, you do not have to stick to water alone as your sole option, and we have put together a few options of some healthy beverages which you can pick from the next time you want to place an order.

1. Pomengranate Juice

The powerful pomengranate has been consistently praised for its hefty antioxidant content. Research has suggested that red juice may help to prevent heart disease, inflammation and cancer. So a good choice for you will be to have a glass every day.

2. Low fat milk

Milk has always been there for you. It is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D.  Low fat and skimmed milk are great sources of essential macro-nutrients and protein.

3. Green tea

A cup of green tea is a better choice than a cup of coffee before the afternoon hits. If you are craving that caffeine buzz, green tea has just enough caffeine to give you that energy boost but not so much that you crash later. And every cup provides you a certain amount of antioxidants.

4. Orange juice

Orange juice contains a large amount of both vitamin C and quercein a form of flavonol found in certain fruits and vegetables.

5. Beet juice

Beets have the ability to reduce blood pressure, increase your stamina, increase blood flow to your brain which slows the progression of dementia. It also makes your liver healthier with zero trans and saturated fats and high magnesium, iron and calcium levels.

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