6 Killer Fat Burning Exercises For Your Core

Killer Fat Burning Exercises For Your Core

Your core is one of the main areas to consider when losing weight, not only do they add as the strengthening focal point for how effective your exercise would be, they help in your appearance as well.

When your core is fit, be rest assured that that one of the base areas of your body is strong and able to do exercises. Here are a few exercises that will help strengthen your core;

Knee Fold Tuck1

Sit on the floor with hands on it and sit straight, bend your knees and put a ball between them.  Then lift your knees, making sure your shins are parallel to the floor, extend arms. Holding still,, take your knees back to the first step repeat up to 15 to 20 times.

 Climbing rope

Extend your legs when you sit, letting it look like a v shape, with toes pointed. Hold in core muscles, and stretch spine into a C-curve. Twist slightly with each measure. 20 reaches on each arm will do.

Side balance crunch3

Start by kneeling with your left knee and placing left hand on the floor, At same time, your right hand extended up, also extend your right leg, you should look like you are about to run only with one hand up. Then pull your right knee towards your torso and your right arm (elbow) towards knee, go back to starting position, repeat up to 10 times then switch sides.

 Circle plank4

Be in a plank position with your core tightened, pull your right in circle it clockwise then counter clockwise.  Let your body be in a stiff straight position when you do this. Repeat 5 to 8 times then switch to the other leg.

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Sliding pike5

Be in a plank position, with your hands beneath your shoulders and a towel under your feet (this is to help prevent you from sliding). In that straight position, draw your left leg towards your left hand, hold it in for 5 seconds then go back to start position.

Oblique reach6

Sit on the floor with knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Straighten your right and leg and roll your spine into a C- curve. Then place your left hand behind our head and stretch out your right arm.

Twist your body to the left, roll back a bit more and hold up to 5 seconds, then come back up. Do this 5 times and switch.

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