6 Meals That Will Build Up Your Muscles


It has been generally said that your physical appearance is a reflection of the kind of food you eat. While there are foods that can help reduce your weight or help you gain weight, there are also classes of food that you eat that can help build your muscles. Keep reading on to find out more about the foods you can consume to build up your muscles.

1. Omega -3 Eggs1

The key to building muscles is in consuming as much calories as your body requires per time. An average egg contains a total amount of about 155 calories, the egg is also a rich source of protein, protein is very necessary for muscle building, because after consumption, the protein is broken down into amino acid which is then redistributed to other parts of the body, they particular go into the muscles, repairing the broken muscle tissues.

 2. Blueberries2

The blueberries contain a minimal amount of protein but are highly rich in antioxidants. Food experts have even resolved that blueberries have one of the highest collection of antioxidants there is. Antioxidants are generally best for fighting against free radicals that try to enter your body, they are also very effective in in repairing your tissues and keeping you young and fresh.

3. Peanut butter3

On the list we also have peanut butter, the peanut butter is rich in protein and magnesium. Magnesium on its own have been attributed to help increase energy level and also strength the core of your muscles.

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4. Green Tea4

The green tea has been reputed to be “an antioxidant powerhouse”. Because of its caffeine level, it is of high benefits in your energy level and also in boosting your exercise performance.

5. Water5

Many people underestimate the importance of drinking water. as one striving to build muscles it is recommended that you consume a sufficient amount of water as 70-80% of your muscles are made up of water. “Drinking water makes your muscles look bigger instead of looking flatter like a deflated balloon”. So, consume as much water as you can, especially when you are working out.

6. Wheat Germ6

Finally, to build bigger muscles, I will recommend you consume enough wheat germ. it is said to be high in Octacosanol. It has been said that consuming about half an hour prior to your workout, it will help increase your muscle strength and increase your endurance during your workout.

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