6 Minutes a Day Workout To Get Rid of Flabby Arms in 30 Days!

6 Minutes a Day Workout To Get Rid of Flabby Arms in 30 DaysNobody likes jiggly wiggly arms which could be due to loose skin after weight loss or being over weight. That loose skin makes your arms look like “bat wings”. It should not be a problematic area of your body anymore if you could do this workout for 6 minutes every day for the next 30 days. You can do these workouts whether you have weights or not. You can easily use some other items for this workout. I love it and trust me you will also love it when you see the results.

It is the fact that most of us usually forget our arms when we are trying to lose weight and have toned body. Our target area is usually our tummy. We just want to get rid of our love handles and that is it. We workout and eat healthy diet for it. Majority of time we are left with this problem of flabby arms after we have lost some extra pounds of body fat.

Just doing some simple chores such as carrying all your shopping bags at once can give your efforts to tone your arm a big boost. You can use water bottles or even drink cans as weights while doing exercise to get rid of bat wings. Every little bit of effort that is targeting your triceps will help.

You will need to be persistent when it comes to toning your flabby arms and after 30 days you should be surprised to notice the difference. It take only 6 minutes of your life in a day.

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Here is the video which shows you how to perform these simple workouts in the comfort of your home. If you workout buddy then it can be even more fun to do this workout.


You have to try it so that you can banish the arm fat and get rid of bat wings. You can also do these other workouts for toned arms.


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