6 Moves to Sculpt Your Butt from a Magic Circle’s Help

Every woman loves to have a well sculpted and attractive looking butt. Lots of people give up having the butt they want simply because they think their but is solely a function of genetics, but this is only partly true: to some extent, you can work with what you have to get the butt you want.

Exercise is really the key to this, and there are lots of exercises such as squats, that you could use to achieve these results. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to use a magic circle to get sculpt your butt.

1. Bridge with Magic Circle

Start by lying flat on the ground, with your palms and your feet planted firmly on the floor. Then place the magic circle in between your knees and raise your knees upwards while your feet and arms still remain on the floor.

After this, squeeze in the magic circle with your knees and gently release, repeating this over and over. While performing this move be sure to keep your feet and hands on the ground and always ensure that your butt remains slightly above the floor.

2. Foot Work

This move is slightly alike with the former. To perform, lie down on a flat surface. Then put the magic circle in between your legs, at the far end, almost close to your feet just around your calf. With your butt and back firmly on the floor, raise your legs up and down. While doing this, your head should be suspended above the floor at all times, and you should use your hands to support your head and keep moving your legs up and down with the magic circle in between them.

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3. Modified Single Leg Kick

Lying down on your stomach, slightly raise your head and shoulders above the ground (use your hands for support). Keep one leg straight on the floor and bend the other leg upwards. Next, place the magic circle in between your butt and the ankle of your bent leg. Once you have attained this position, squeeze the circle three times pressing the magic circle with your ankle on your butt. Repeat this move for about 10 to 12 times and swap to the other leg.

4. Double Leg Press

This move is the same with the Modified Single Leg Kick I just explained above. The only difference, however, is that instead of using one leg per time, you use the both of your legs at the same time while doing this move. Also repeat for about 10 to 12 times.

5. Hamstring Press

Lie down flat on your stomach while keeping the magic circle in between your ankles. In this position, rest your head on your hands and be sure to squeeze your inner thighs to hold on to the magic circle, then raise up your knees above the floor using you hamstrings and butt and slowly bring it down again. Keep repeating this move and ensure that the magic circle does not fall off in the process.

6. Standing Magic Circle Move

Stand straight on a flat surface and fix the circle in between your feet, gently press: use one leg to press the circle against the other leg. Repeat it for 10 to 20 times and swap with the other leg.

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