6 Night Time Mistakes That Ruin Hair

Most times we wonder what happens with our hair and why they are not growing etc. but what you don’t know is that, it is the little things that we do that ruin our hair and here are some of them;

1. You Sleep with Wet Hair

Your hair is weakest when it is wet, you damage the split ends as you sleep, this can make the cuticle ends rough, which would in turn cause your head to be frizz and dry. Always dry your hair before you go to bed or braid it before sleeping.

2. Pony Tail Troubles

Leaving your hair can cause damage to your hair, as it is in the same position you had it throughout the day.  Holding up your hair in tight pony tail can cause traction on the hair and pull from the root when you toss in your sleep. It is important to allow your hair breathe. Also you can affect your hemline as they become shorter and thinner, this happens as a results of wearing a pony tail for too long. You should incorporate other hair styles, a loose pony tail will do, if you must do a pony tail or lose braids.

3. Hair Tie

“Elastic, especially if hair is wet, will make a crease, and within that crease can damage the whole area,” says Gibson. He recommends a hairpin, while Heath says a scrunchie is a good alternative because the fabric surrounding it is softer on the hair. Check out these sneaky reasons your hair is falling out.

4. Brushing

Brushing your hair helps you gain a healthier hair, since your scalp produces natural oil, brushing your hair will help spread the oil through your hair. This helps promote hair growth. Interesting to know, brushing is relaxing and can help one sleep better. Give it a try and invest as a habit and see the difference.

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5. You Have Cotton Sheets

Silk is gentler than cotton, meaning it won’t be as rough on your hair when you lay your head on your pillowcase. “There’s no friction when it’s rubbing against the hair,” says Heath. “It helps with frizz and getting your hair stuck as your hair rubs back and forth.” Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase for a luxurious slumber and great hair.

Pamper Hair with Moisture

Never lose the chance to go for extra moisture in your hair. It’s like pampering your hair with all the delicious hair liquids that would make your hair smile. An example would be if you shampooed in the morning, at night, you could rub in some conditioner and allow it to sit in to be washed off in the morning. You could use coconut oil to help for moisture and suppleness.

6. You Sleep with Hairspray

“If you have a lot of hairspray in your hair, it can be really drying,” says Heath. She doesn’t recommend showering before bed to wash it out, because wet hair is damaging too. Instead, take out any bobby pins holding up your style, then break the hairspray down with a bit of leave-in conditioner, and brush it out.

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