6 Proven Ways to Lose Love Handles and Get Ripped Abs

6 Proven Ways to Lose Love Handles Get Ripped AbsWhen you look at someone who has a ripped core, it sends you strong signals of a healthy life, fit body and good sex appeal. However, we find the excuses all the time to not indulge in activities which will help to sculpture ripped abs. We all find some excuse not to workout for hardcore belly.

1. Sleep More

Surprise surprise. About seven hours a sleep at night can help you lose 4-5 pounds compared to those men who only less than five hours a night. Researcher at Harvard university studied 68,000 people and found that people with night sleep less than five hours are more likely become obese and gain about 4-5 pounds.

The brain actively signals to reward the human body with more food after inadequate sleep at night. It result in additional intake of 220 calories per day in short sleepers.

Quick Fix: Unplug the bedroom TV and try for eight hours of sleep a night—and never settle for less than seven. Here’s a scary fact for some added inspiration: If you are a habitual short sleeper, your chance of an early death rises by as much as 12 percent, Italian researchers say.

2. Lift Heavier Weights

Once you have decided to workout using weights, then try to reach for the larger dumbbells. Lifting heavy weights not only burns more calories during your workout but may also increase your sleeping metabolism by about 8 percent, say researchers at Washington University school of medicine in St. Louis. You would be surprised that only that 8 percent can add up to nearly 5 pounds of extra weight each year.

Quick Fix: Push your limits. As you feel yourself becoming stronger and more comfortable during a workout, don’t be afraid to go bigger. Challenging your body in new ways hits your muscles at different angles, packing on size.

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