6 Reasons You Keep Getting Acne

Acne affects everyone at one point or another in their lifetime. At least once, in some others more often than normal. In all these cases, it is highly unwelcome especially for some women, who would have to wear tons of make up to cover up the rough patches on their face.  However these can be hereditary but in some cases it could be due to unhealthy habits, that keeps these acne coming back. This article will help you to identify the areas, that you might belong to and help you find ways to help to prevent these prevalent issues.

1. You’re eating spicy foods

Spicy foods are another reason for acne on the face as they contain acidic lycopene, that can be irritating to the skin causing the PH levels on some people’s skin to rise bring about acne. It can also be any food. To find out that if you are irritated by some foods, is to notice the whitehead, or rash like pattern on your face, around your mouth.

2. You’re using products that contain pore clogging ingredients

Another reason for so much acne is the type of moisturizer you use, as the agents in some lotion can clog your pores and cause bacteria to grow. Silicone in skin products are something to watch out for. Look for labels that are “noncomedogenic”. Now if you use these products that have these, but no change, visit to a dermatologist. Another issue is the detergent you are using as some chemicals can be harsh on the skin when you wear clothes, that you’ve used them on. Use a detergent that is scent free or dye free and go for the ones that your dermatologist will use.

3. Your hair products are wreaking havoc on your skin

Another problem to watch out for is your hair products as the ingredients, they contain can cause acne to appear on your skin. The likes of sulfates, cleansing agents, heavy moisturizing and silicone agents, that are in your hair conditioners, shampoos etc.  Can seep into your pores and cause acne to develop. When washing your hair, tilt it forward, so it falls downwards and rinse your face after washing. If you were to shower immediately, wash face last so as to not carry residue from other parts of the body or hair to your face. If you were in a salon, your hair will be thrown back to be washed.

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4. You smoke

Smoking is another reason for acne. For every time you light up a cigarette, you decrease the amount of oxygen that goes to your face giving it more access for germs to enter. The smoke in the cigarettes contains carcinogens, that irritates the skin, causing it to produce oil that will spread on the skin leading to acne. What to do, don’t smoke, as it encourages longevity and a healthy clear skin.

5. You’re scrubbing your skin too hard

You scrub your skin too hard.  Another mistake people do with their face is using facial scrubs to scrub the face, especially one with acne, what this does is, its ruins an active acne and cause the blemish to spread more all over the face. What you do is scrub gently, or use a cleanser, toner or moisturizer.

 6. You can’t stop picking at your pimples

A habit that you will have to stop is picking at the pimples on your face. Since you can cause a scar or when you try to press out a puss, you can spread bacteria all over your face.

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