6 Things to Throw out Now (and How to Dispose of Them)

Many times, we tend to keep things that are no longer useful or valuable in the house, probably because we feel they might be of use later on. However, most of these items aren’t used at all. Littering your house with knick knacks can cause infections that can negatively affect your health. Staying healthy also means staying clear of any dirt around. Below are 5 items to throw out that you probably have never considered throwing out before.

1. Single earrings

There are different ways to recycle your earrings. You can use a nifty bulletin board tack, or make a brooch or magnet, by cutting the stems and adding a magnet end with a glue. You can then donate them to an antiques or curiosities shop.

2. Old crayons

You can actually make more crayons from the old ones, instead of littering them around the house. According to Crayola.com, you can melt your old crayons and make more. You can even ship them off to Crazy Crayons, a recycling program that accepts all types of crayons.

3. Receipts you don’t need

Let’s face it, there are receipts that you should discard, especially those for simple cash purchases. You can also confetti shred receipts with your signature or credit card number.

4. Expired beauty products

Once beauty products are expired, they can be donated to women’s shelters. On the other hand, you should always replace your eye makeup regularly after every few months, especially mascara and face makeup. You should also consider changing your lipstick within 12 months. Remove the product from the packages and recycle the containers.

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5. Scratched CDs

Compact discs can also be recycled as they are a blend of materials like aluminum, bauxite, and polycarbonate. You can also fix them if you feel they can still be of use. A great way to do this is by rubbing a mild abrasive on the non-label side of a disc in a circular motion from the center outward. You can try toothpaste for the abrasive. If the CD is already damaged, you can look for a specialized e-recycling facility close to you.

6. Broken hangers

Let go of those hangers that aren’t useful any longer and donate them to dry cleaners that need them. You can also get some creative ideas from Homedit.com, such as making a modern chair with it, or an eyeglass holder.

These are little things that a lot of people hardly consider. While you get busy with the gathering around and recycling, you are also keeping your body active and burning calories that way.

image courtesy of: denverstylemagazine.com, pinterest.com, green-talk.com, myplasticfreelife.com,  stylemagazines.com.au, ilovehcking.blogspot.com, lifelessonstaughtbygod.blogspot.com.

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