6 Tips to Make Eating Vegetables More Delicious

Being a picky eater isn’t a crime. But there are tips you can use to make healthy food seem more delicious and less like torture. While it may take some work, these tips will help enhance the taste of your veggies, so you don’t have to force yourself to eat them. Check out these simple tips to help you get over with the issues you have with vegetables.

1. Forget how you felt when you were a kid

Research has shown that when you are a kid, your taste buds are more sensitive to bitter flavors. This means that your adult self might actually like broccoli, even though it might have tasted very bad when you were 10. So forgot about how you felt about those veggies you hated as a child and be open to experiencing them in a new light.

2. Surround yourself with healthy food

Instead of buying more boxed mac and cheese and chicken wings, develop the habit of getting your kitchen stocked with whole wheat pasta and organic chicken breasts for example.

The Japanese people weren’t born loving sushi, and the French people weren’t born loving escargot. They instead began to like raw fish, or snails because it was a part of their natural regular environment. As you get used to having more clean stuff around, you probably will find yourself wanting it more often.

3. Ease your way into it

If thinking about eating plain raw carrots disgusts you, don’t do it. Start by pairing them with something extremely delicious, like ranch dressing. After sometime, you may decide to dip them into something more nutrient-rich, like hummus.

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4. Appeal to your sweet tooth

The fact that humans are hard-wired to crave sugar, is an advantage you should take. Try roasting your vegetables, instead of trying to eat them steamed or raw. Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness and makes them more palatable.

5. Go for the fancy stuff

Research found that people who paid more for a buffet lunch reported being more satisfied with their meal as compared to those who paid less. Why? Because people tend to think that cheaper food is going to have lower quality.

When possible, spend some extra cash on organic tomatoes from the farmers’ market, instead of the limp stuff at the supermarket.

6. Make sure you’re actually hungry

Check in with your appetite before you bother sitting down to eat that salad. Make sure you aren’t eating if you aren’t hungry. Why? Because you’ll be way more willing to eat whatever is in front of you when your stomach is really rumbling, even if it’s a bowl of all the vegetables you absolutely hate.

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