6 Ways You Can Effectively Monitor Weight Loss

You might be asking, I’m I really losing weight. Are all my efforts in my weight loss progress in vain. Well, don’t  worry as we take you through six methods, that will validate that your hard work in weight loss is paying off.

1. Ask for an honest opinion

This doesn’t mean you should go about asking ‘Do I Look fat’. But rather ask friends or a close pal for a honest details about your shape. Ask them to give you to details out any noticeable changes in your physique, likewise the places in your body that have grown in muscular figure. My piece of advice, when you get the words you don’t want to hear from friends, though is though, take it because criticism helps you move forward.

2. Look at the person in the mirror

What image do you see when you look in the mirror. What do you think of yourself. Is there a difference, How does your face looks like.Is there an observation on muscle growth. The mirror can be your most confusing friend at times, because it could be tough to use. It give you this mind of uncertainty whether you’re really seeing progress or not. Although though, you will be able to notice a difference.

3. Build a positive thinking

Building positive thoughts is an emotional way to keep you on the right track of monitoring effective weight loss. Actually not all progress is measured physically. Do you build more confident about yourself. Are you positive about yourself. How do you Feel. I would gladly say boost in self-confident and build a positive thought even if your weight isn’t changing, because confident is a state of mind that is a great leap forward in progress. Sometimes that’s all we need in keeping us motivated and move towards our goals.

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4. Try your plus size clothes

Trying wearing those large clothes you put in the wardrobe. Are your clothes fitting you now. The way your clothes fit is an indirect way to measure your weight loss effectively. Are you going down notches in your belt. Is your weight staying the same, but your clothes feel looser.That’s a true sign of body re-composition. You are losing fat while putting on muscle, just what you want.

5. A scale

Typically, I would hardly recommend that you use a scale for tracking progress. The scale can play with your mind and make you want to give up when in actuality you are making great progress in body composition. However, the scale does measure weight and weight is used to calculate the mass of a body and fat mass. Just use the scale wisely and understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

6. Take before and after pictures

Taking some before and after shots can also help you monitor your weight loss progress and also gives you motivational purposes. You can snap a photo at least 2-3 weeks. It’s really hard to notice any change in your body, when you see it several times a day. Sometimes you have to ignore the checkups. Pictures capture that moment, so that you can compare different weeks. Try taking pictures from different sorts of angles and wear clothes as little as possible. Make sure you take it in the same spot each time with the same lighting.

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