6 Ways You Can Effectively Monitor Weight Loss

6 Ways You Can Effectively Monitor Weight Loss 1

You might have been working out regularly or perhaps have put yourself on a diet and are wondering if you are actually losing any weight? You don’t want to base your assessment solely off what the scales might tell you as they do not always tell the whole story. in this article, we’ll take you through seven methods that will help you tell for sure, if your hard word is paying off.

1. Ask for an honest opinion

This doesn’t mean you should go about asking ”Do I Look fat?” to everyone you come across on a day to day basis, but occasionally, you may ask friends or family members for honest details about your shape. Ask them to point out any noticeable changes in your physique, whether they be positive or negative. People will often be able to spot the changes that are not so noticeable to you.

2. Use the mirror

What image do you see when you look in the mirror? The mirror can be your most confusing friend at times, as you may not be sure what to make of what you see. This where getting a second opinion from friends and family members could prove particularly helpful.

3. Stay positive

Building positive thoughts is an emotional way to keep you on the right track of monitoring effective weight loss. Actually, not all progress is measured physically. Do you feel more confident about yourself? If you do, then you are probably on your way to achieving your goals.

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4. Try your larger clothes on

Try on those large clothes you’ve put away in the wardrobe. Do they fit you better now? The way your clothes fit is an indirect method of measuring your weight loss effectively. Are you going down a few notches in your belt? Is your weight staying the same, but your clothes feel looser? That’s a true sign of body re-composition: you are losing fat while putting on muscle, which is just what you want.

5. Take before and after shots

Taking some before and after shots can also help you monitor your weight loss progress and also gives you some extra motivation, especially when you like what you see. It’s really hard to notice any changes in your body when you see it several times a day but periodic before and after shots will really highlight the progress you might be making.

6. Check the scales

The scales can play with your mind and make you want to give up when in fact you may be making great progress at body re-composition. However, scales do measure weight, and weight is an important metric that will give some indication as to the success for your weight loss efforts. Just remember to use them wisely and understand the difference between WEIGHT loss and FAT loss.

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