6 Ways to Relax Your Muscles

After a couple of hours of hard work training your muscles and brain, your muscles will get sore and exhausted. When you balance your stress and relax well, you will improve in every aspect of your life. You will become happier, emotionally stable, productive and even healthier. Below are some of the ways to relax when your muscles are becoming sore and stiff as a result of stress.

1. Green tea

Sip a cup of green herbal tea to help you relax. Green tea is loaded with L-Theanine that helps to relieve anger and make you feel good.

2. Take some honey

Take a spoonful of sweet honey to reduce your stress, it naturally moisturizes your skin, it helps reduce inflammation in the brain, which means it also helps to fight anxiety and depression.

3. Meditate

Doing five minutes of peaceful meditation helps to ease the tension from stress and depression. All you have to do is find a quiet place so you will be able to concentrate, increase and then feel the anxieties disappear.

4. Apply muscle tension on your sore muscles

Try squeezing your deltoid muscles gently, but before that, take a deep breath and squeeze your muscles by putting pressure on it for about five seconds and then release it, then keep that place relaxed so there won’t be stress on your muscles. Keep doing this for some time and move on.

5. Stretching

Do some muscle stretching practice for about 20 to 30 seconds, making sure you stretch the muscle that is stiff till you feel a good sensation with no pain. You can also do yoga poses which will help stretch.

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6. Do some low cardio

You can do some light intensive exercise, it is a good way to relax and loosen muscles and increasing blood circulation. You can also do exercises like joking or walking on a treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes to release the stress.


You can as well listen to some of your favorite tunes or watch your best show to ease your stress, or even take a walk to the beach and get some fresh air. Controlling stress and relaxing your muscles helps to boost your energy and immune system all together helping you to stay healthy and fit.

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