6 Ways to Work Better in the Office

Do you want to increase your productivity at work, making you a favorite with your boss? Then read on. The following is a list of six things that you can do at work to make you more productive while still maintaining your health.

1. Sit properly

Sitting straight helps you to preserve your posture, and hence reduce the chances of pains developing that might disturb your work and productivity.

2. Get enough sleep

When you sleep, the body refreshes itself, including the brain cells, making you sharper and more attentive for the next day. When you get enough sleep, you are also less tired and hence have more energy to do more work later on in the day.

3. Reduce noise

When you are distracted, you cannot concentrate and your brain cannot effectively direct all its resources to a task at hand work. You can solve this problem by wearing earphones or headphones and putting on instrumental music that does not have any lyrics. Whatever your taste in music is, listen to it while working so you can ‘get in the zone’ and work properly without being disturbed by the noises and sounds of other people around you in the office.

If you don’t want to listen to music, you can instead listen to white or pink noise, which basically is a steady sound that cancels out any other sounds and lets you focus solely on your work.

4. Go green

Numerous researches have shown that having plants in the office boosts productivity. This is because of what you associate plants with. Most people associate plants with the great outdoors and with the cool and refreshing air that seems to lift your spirits. In turn, you become mentally and psychologically strengthened to do better at work.

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Having a few real plants in your office also produces more oxygen that you need to breathe. An increase in oxygen intake means an increase in working ability. This is confirmed by numerous studies that even special devices have been made (called hyperbolic chambers) that contain pure oxygen as their environment, at an increased level of pressure.

5. Clean and tidy up your work area

The quality and quantity of work and productivity you can do is affected by your mental and psychology state. Just as with having plants in the office, a scattered desktop has the effect of influencing your brain to work with less productivity.

Clutter also distracts and irritates others, making them work less, and not to mention that your boss might not be too pleased if your work area looks like a complete mess.

6. Stand and walk around more

Take any chance that you can get to stand while working, as it increases your blood flow as compared to the sitting position that you were in previously, and it is most likely one of the few chances that you will have to do some form of exercise during the day.

But beware of standing for too long, as it may lead to knee and feet pains. Get a thick and soft standing mat to stand on to solve this problem.

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