7-Day Flush The Fat Away Meal Plan


If your body is overweight or you are coming close to becoming obese, then you need to try our seven day meal plan that includes healthy and detoxing attributes. These whole food items and daily recipes for healthy meals will flush out most of the toxins in your body by the end of the seven day plan.

While doing this seven day plan, keep in mind that you need to keep your body well hydrated at all times.

#1. Day one

For breakfast, detox and cleanse yourself by first of all drinking a healthy detox smoothie. Then after a few hours, eat 10 red grapes and for lunch proper, eat Quinoa Pilaf. By then your body will be feeling healthy already from eating so much good stuff. After lunch, eat around 5 walnuts and an apple.

At night, eat a medium serving of vegetable soup to flush away the days fat.

#2. Day two

Have a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast. A few hours later, snack on 10 almonds and one apple. For lunch, eat vegetable soup to continue the process of flushing away your fat.

At night, for dinner, eat a protein packed black bean and lentil soup which will both fill you up and also provide numerous health benefits.

#3. Day three

On the third day of this plan, have a breakfast simply consisting of the super detox green drink. A few hours later, allow yourself to eat ten walnuts and one orange. For lunch, eat lentil soup and Black beans filled with proteins.

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For dinner, eat roasted cauliflower soup (keep burning that fay away!)

#4. Day four

For breakfast on the fourth day, have a breakfast of a cleansing and healthy smoothie, followed by 10 small carrots a few hours later. For lunch, eat cauliflower soup after roasting it. Then for dinner, eat crust-less asparagus quiche (fat burning).

#5. Day five

Have a breakfast of toasted blueberries in a bowl followed by a snack of one orange and 10 almonds. For lunch, eat crust-less asparagus quiche, followed by 10 red grapes. For dinner, eat kale and lentil soup (keep on burning that fat).

#6. Day six

For breakfast, simply a detox smoothie. Then a snack of 10 almonds and one peeled apple. Then for lunch, eat a soup made of kale and lentil mixed together, followed by 10 small carrots. Finally, for dinner, eat black beans.

#7. Day seven

On the last day, once again, drink green detox drink and have a snack of 10 walnuts and an apple. For lunch, eat skinny quinoa along with black beans. For dinner, have a serving of stuffed sweet potato.

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