7 Foods That Keep the Bones Healthy

Your bones do a lot of good jobs, such as supporting you to move from one place to another. You might take it for granted but your skeleton is a living tissue which is always in need of replenishment. Therefore, you need to feed them well, if not, you will lose more bones than you build.

Here are foods that should be taken in order to build bones.

1. Milk

Milk gives calcium to the body. 8 ounces of fat free milk will cost you 90 calories but it will provide you with 3o% of your daily dose of calcium. Milk gives a brand of fortified vitamin D which adds lots of benefits to your body. Therefore, when you take milk, it builds your bones and you get your skeleton tissue healthy.

2. Eggs

Eggs give just 6% of your daily vitamin D but they are gotten quick and despite the amount they give to the body. Hence, when you consume egg, it helps you to develop healthy bones.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is fortified with vitamin D, one cup of a creamy yogurt which gives calcium. Stony field farm tend to give out fat free plain yogurt which contains 30% of calcium and 20% of your vitamin D of each day. Therefore, try taking yogurt which is rich in vitamin D, it helps your bone tissues.

4. Sardines

These are tiny fish found in cans. They contain a high level of vitamin D and calcium. Though they may look odd, they taste well and help in strengthening your bones.

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5. Spinach

Spinach contains iron, vitamin A and fibers, when well-cooked, it gives 25% of calcium which is very nutritious and good for the bones.

6. Orange juice

Squeezed orange, which forms a juice, might not have calcium or vitamin D, but it contains these essential nutrients which help in boosting the tissues in the bones. A study has also shown that the ascorbic acid in orange juice helps with calcium absorption which aids healthy bones.

7. Cereals

There are some cereals that contain up to 25% of vitamin D and which are quite tasty and give you all nutrients that help in healthy bones.

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