7 Quick and Healthy Taco Fillings You Must Try!

Are you a big fan of tacos and stay away from them due to the calories that are found in the taco fillings? Don’t worry. You no longer have to stay away from tacos as there are a number of quick and healthy taco fillings. Listed below are the top seven quick and healthy tacos fillings you must try immediately!

#1. Black Beans Taco

We all know that black beans are extremely healthy and are super effective for shedding extra and unhealthy fat from the body. Filled with fiber, the black beans taco is a great choice. All you need to do is add the black beans, your favorite vegetables, some spice and lemon, and voila! Delicious!

#2. Skillet Tacos

Rich in beef, salsa, and low fat cheese, skillet tacos are a treat for the taste buds. Top these ingredients with some healthy vegetables, to make the dish complete.

#3. Shrimp Tacos

The name of this taco reflects how healthy they are. The combination of shrimp, with a delicious berry and avocado sauce, makes these tacos absolutely rich in beneficial ingredients such as fiber and vitamins.

#4. BBQ Chicken Tacos

Full of flavors, BBQ chicken tacos are my personal favorite. Chicken with BBQ sauce, tomatoes, corn and lemon juice, is all you need for this easy and healthy taco dish!

#5. Sweet Potato Avocado Tacos

Combination of sweet potatoes and avocados, make these tacos the healthiest of them all. Quick to make, these tacos are rich in protein and will satisfy your hunger quickly.

#6. Fish Tacos with Carrot-Cabbage Sauce

Fish is extremely healthy as it is rich in protein and healthy fat, which is essential for the body. The super delicious carrot, cabbage, and a bit of vinegar, along with fish, makes this dish extremely scrumptious.

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#7. Berry Tacos

Want a rush of delicious fruits? Try this simple and quick recipe to make these tacos. Add your favorite berries in the taco, and make these tacos absolutely juicy, tasty and beneficial for your body!

Try the above mentioned quick and healthy taco fillings and I guarantee that you will find your lost love for tacos yet again. No longer do you have to run away from tacos as all these fillings are low on unhealthy calories. Grab these ingredients today and give yourself a delicious taco treat.

image courtesy of: healthyslowcooking.com, bettycrocker.com, closetcooking.com, goodhousekeeping.com, rainbeaumarslifestyles.com, cooksmarts.com, peanutbutterandpeppers.com.

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