7 Ways to Start Loving Vegetables

Vegetables have gotten a bad reputation over the years for it taste, looks and texture. They are often the most passed up food at any occasion or dinner setting, but they have all the healing and nutritional benefits that many people need in their body. If you don’t like vegetables or you don’t know what to do with them or how to eat them, then this article is for you. Vegetables are the secret to delicious cooking and healthy eating that you will enjoy much more than the typical junk food. Here we go.

First of all, do research

In order to not join the bandwagon of vegetable haters, ask yourself why do I really hate vegetables? What harm could they possibly do to me? Read and learn about vegetables, what they do for the body and how to incorporate them into your diet. Read on ways to even creatively make delicious vegetable dishes. There are some vegetable dishes you will make that might make you think that you are eating junk food because they are just too delicious to be true.

They fill you up

You want to control your eating frequency and portion sizes. Fill half and a quarter of your plates with tasty vegetable recipes that you might have learned from your research and add more vegetables to your meals. You will end up feeling full, causing you to eat less. Vegetables are the perfect food to eat when you are hungry and don’t want to overeat.

They are nutrients dense

They are full of nutrients and aid in energy giving for the body. They also help in proper digestion and elimination of toxins easily. Plus giving you healthy look in appearance.

Start gradually

First start by using colors. Tell yourself that you are going to consume a vegetable that looks like the sun today (bearing the rainbow in mind). Basically, you will look for vegetables that look like the sun and believe that you having a bite of the hot sun to get you through eating vegetables like carrots, pumpkins etc. The next day, try a different color. You can get your kids to embrace vegetables through this method as well. You could even try cooking a dish using a particular vegetable.

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Then head on to your drinks, mixing your fruits and vegetables together until you can take in just vegetable juices alone. Doing this daily helps as well.

Adding vegetables to your breakfast meal

This is an exceptionally good way to start the day with vegetables and some omelets. Do your own research and find creative ways to use vegetables for your omelets. Try using a different vegetable for your omelets or breakfast meals.

Add them to your lunch and dinner

Why leave everything at breakfast. Spice it up for lunch and dinner. Be it as a soup or as another delicious grilled chicken and vegetable salad using avocado smash instead of mayonnaise. You could even make a vegetable chicken or beef stir fry. Vegetable lasagna or pizza and some sea food like shrimps and some olives and enough pepper to get you crying. Such a meal will leave you feeling very gratified.

Vegetable finger foods

Why don’t you bake or thinly fry some sweet potatoes and make a guacamole, or hummus or avocado. Use liberal amounts of pepper and salt to taste and also prepare some fruit juice and eat and watch one of your favorite movies. The combination will be super delicious and healthy. You could try wrapping asparagus in bacon if you don’t like it much with chili and pepper coated all over.

Then there are vegetable fries, like carrot fries, okra fries. For carrots, simply cut in thinly shapes, fry in olive oil, put them on a baking sheet sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roast in oven 450 degrees F (230 degrees C) for 10 minutes and enjoy. Use your guacamole or hummus as an accompaniment.

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