7 Weird Health Gadgets From the World’s Biggest Tech Show

Technology has improved a lot over the past few years, and the health section hasn’t been left behind. Below are some outstanding health gadgets that were showcased in the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

1. Smartypans

This frying pan helps to track the amount of food in the pan, and also counts calories and give cooking instructions as you go. You may want to let go your old pans and get this for about $209.

2. Sleep number 360 smart bed

This bed automatically adjusts to your position while you sleep, and can warm your feet to help you fall asleep. It also responds to tossing and turning by becoming softer or firmer. One more amazing thing about this is that it helps to prop up your partner’s head when they snore.

3. iGulu brewing system

This is an automated home-brewing machine that allows potential brewmasters to combine their own ingredients and create recipes via a mobile app. A lot of people will be interested in this, as millennials are beginning to take their craft-beer obsession beyond the microbrewery.

4. Kerastase hair coach powered by withings

The world’s first internet-connected hairbrush, with an in-built microphone, and other tech that helps to measure your brushing patterns and determine how healthy your hair is. It can also be paired with a mobile app to help you get a daily hair assessment, personalized routines, and curated styling tips. It is produced by French company Withings, partnered with L’Oreal

5. Griffin technology connected toaster

This toaster is just perfect, and you don’t have to worry about half-burnt, half-spongy toast. You can sync it to a mobile app and adjust the settings, based on temperature, bread type, and the darkness level. With $99.9, you can own this appliance.

6. Smarter fridgecam

This appliance will help you check the fridge without leaving your couch, as it connects to an app that lets you gaze at your inventory. The app also alerts you when your food is about to expire, and suggests meals, based on whatever you have in the fridge. With about $124 for this fridge, you don’t have to always get up to go check what’s in the fridge.

7. LG smart instaview refrigerator

LG has a new upgraded smart fridge that comes with a 29-inch touchscreen. It goes transparent when you knock twice, for you to view what’s in it, so you don’t necessarily have to open your fridge to view. Telegraph also affirms that it connects to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service to control other gadgets in your house. It is sold for about $4,599.99; quite expensive but it’s worth it.

Living a healthy life becomes much more fun with the right gadgets.

image courtesy of: gadgetsin.com, designboom.com, dexigner.com, indiegogo.com, homecrux.com, wareable.com.


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