8 Body Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work

8 body fat loss hacks that actually workRemember the old saying “slow and steady wins the race”. It is also true when it comes to fat loss. It is never wise to tell you to take fat loss supplements or try some dieting program that promises weight loss with quick results. For best results, you must make small and sustainable lifestyle changes. There are 100% totally safe weight loss hacks which can help you to conquer fat with small changes in your lifestyle. You will be surprised that just by drinking 8 ounces of iced cold water daily can help you lose your body fat. Similarly sleeping 7 hours a day is also beneficial in maintaining healthy body weight.

1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

You do not have to quit drinking for life, but reducing intake of alcohol from 3 glasses to one can help you slim down quickly. The author of The Small Changes Fast Result Diet, Kerry Ganes suggests that eliminating alcohol is a “a quick trick to help you jumpstart your weight loss efforts without having to do anything super drastic.” You can start introducing alcohol back into your routine again once you start seeing results. However it is advisable to cut your alcohol consumption.

2. Stop eating after 9pm

You can stop adding extra calories to your diet intake by stopping to eat snacks after 9pm. There is good chance that you are eating after 9pm due to stress or boredom. The extra calories added will translate into additional body fat. Simply not eating late at night you reduce your body weight without even any workout.

3. Drink Coffee

Coffee can help you workout with higher intensity and  longer periods due to the increased levels of fatty acids in the blood stream. The caffeine in the coffee increases the release of fatty acids which let you workout for longer times without feeling tired.

4. Track Protein and Fiber in Diet not Calories

It is easier to track how much protein and fiber you are eating during each meal rather than trying to count the calories every time you eat something. It is good practice to add one serving of protein and fiber to each meal and you should be able to track your progress of your journey towards a leaner and thinner body.

5. Start Drinking More Water

This one is neglected by us most of the time when it comes to dieting for weight loss. Water keeps our bodies hydrated without starving. Drinking about six glasses of water a day should be good enough to get you started on your way to weight loss.

6. Sleep Well

You must sleep for about 8 hours a day to keep your hormones levels in check so that you do not feel hungry.  It is important that you do not ignore spending time in bed to have a good night sleep for a healthier life.


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